A versatile multipurpose solution.


Pandemic 2020 has brought a light on how the technology has enhanced the organization to run their business from Home. In our effort to help such organizations manage their daily operations smoothly, Advantage plus has been enhanced yet simplified from its legacy application.


Lets take your Business to Next Level

Advantage Plus – A Real Time Management Application by Marka Communications is built on Microsoft Technology ASP.net product developed by a strong mind set of individuals from Canada, UAE and India working in different fields and keeping the current fact paced lifestyle of the management team.

The Application can be modified and modulated to any type of Agency activities. It reduces the

dependencies of age old tradition i.e. working from office only. This solutions provides a work from anywhere environment.

The Application integrates all front office tasks, process and communication into a single and easy to use one click solution. This can be implemented for all the people working in an organization for easier turn around and high productivity



Advantage + is developed using the Legacy application Advantage used by many of our Clients in UAE. Core functionalities are developed using Advantage Engine with additional features like Zoom and MS Teams Integration. IP based actions logs of every single activity performed in an application from each user’s account. Account and Access management enables the organization to define the set of roles and activity the user is going to perform using this application.

A versatile multipurpose solution

Unique Features

Meeting Schedule

Information, Discussion

  • Setup online meeting on any platform from the application itself
  • Conduct webinars and live trainings
  • Schedule your monthly or weekly schedule
  • Setup offline meeting and provide venue, date and time details for all attendees to join the meeting
  • Automated Reminder scheduling

Meeting Minutes

Get Details of the Meetings

  • Ability to add more than one Agenda for the meeting
  • Enabling the attendees to participate by stating / putting forth their agenda for the meeting
  • Admin control for the agenda approvals
  • Categorizing agenda’s into Information or Discussions
  • One view report for the meeting minutes at the end of Meeting

Address Book

Manage Contacts

  • Create your own contact directory from your registered account
  • Contacts details added can be updated or deleted anytime
  • Contacts added can serve as a Proxy for scheduled meetings

Compose Email

Secureed Internal Email

  • Setup your email
  • Compose your official mail
  • Select groups or individual email recipient
  • Send attachments from your email
  • Composed email can be saved as Draft pr categorized with a label inside the application


Share Agenda in Advance

  • Choose between Zoom, MS Teams or our Advantage + application
  • Add unlimited Participants for Advantage + Mode of meeting
  • Collate agenda’s from all the participants
  • Create Task directly based on the meeting agenda’s
  • Generate final meeting minutes report from all attendees of the meetings


Manage all the Projects

  • Preparing a Job/Project Brief and Timeline
  • Share or Give approvals on the Project or Job Brief
  • Assigning Job/Project Task to the team members
  • Information on the availability of the team member to do the project.
  • Receiving Task Reports and Rating the Task reports

Making it simple

In Your Language

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On the objective of easy to operate we offer the product advantage in all the international languages. A person can seamlessly use the product without the need to understand the language as an additional requirement.

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